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Herbal Consultation + 3 Products

Herbal Consultation + 3 Products

Herbal Consultation + 3 Products


Wanting to go deeper in your healing journey in a container that honors the complexity of who you are right now? Consider a consultation tailored to your individual needs with herbalist and Fractal Forest co-founder, Kayra Prentice. 


She will create space for you to dive into health challenges you may be experiencing, identifying remedies, nutritional strategies and lifestyle shifts meant to bring you ease. Her foundation in vitalist herbalism fuels her practice where herbal healing and lifestyle habits are the root to holistic wellness.


Plants are allies for the heart, for the mind, for the soul. They also open up space to explore balance, build resiliency, and cultivate joy. Through this work, we can come to see plants as not only tools for wellness, but kin with whom we are meant to travel this life.


She will share educational resources, herbal supplements, and insights that will support you with the tools to create a more empowered and holistic relationship to your life. 



+30 Minute Consultation (regular consultation rate will apply after 30 minutes)

+3 products of equal value to $150 total 


ABOUT: Co-founder Kayra Prentice has immersed herself in the nuances and healing benefits of the natural world her entire life. Connection to nature is at the core of her work. With a profound admiration for the botanical world, she is committed to forging meaningful relationships between humanity and the Earth.


Kayra brings 15 years of multi-discipline study in herbal medicine and sustainable agriculture to FRACTAL FOREST. She is an herbalist, bio alchemist, and devoted student of the Earth. She is continuously exploring and learning through the lens of plant medicine.