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Our Vision


We are devoted to sourcing the purest botanical remedies on the planet with the intention to reinvigorate and realign the body, mind and spirit. We believe in the Earth’s innate power to heal, restore and nourish our bodies, and have dedicated our lives to the study of her natural yieldings. Every product that we have crafted utilizes the most powerful plants—plants that we have personally experimented with in our own healing journeys, plants that we integrate into our daily lives, plants that we believe in. 


Our personal views on sustainability are inspired by our devotion to nature and our commitment to her preservation. Every Fractal Forest product is alchemized from organic, ethically sourced botanicals, handcrafted in small batches on Kauai. What we don’t grow on our own land, we obtain from certified organic farmers and wild-crafters. We work with small craft distillers to source honest medicine in resonance with the Earth.  Fractal Forest is partnered with reforestation projects around the world to plant trees with every order made, in aim to maintain symbiosis with our planet as we learn to harmoniously utilize her gifts. 


With a deep reverence for ancient cultures and ancestral tradition, Fractal Forest combines elder wisdom with modern tech. It is our goal to unite the age-old practices of herbalism with the accessibility of modern medicine.


We strive to change the way our collective interacts with the natural world, restoring the balance between people and planet. Fractal Forest is not only dedicated to facilitate deep healing, but also to educating the vital importance of harmonious living with our Earth. We aim to inspire a new wave of conservation and sustainability, to bring awareness to our inner and outer ecosystems, to encourage a deep sense of reverence for our environment and our wellbeing as a collective. 

As a collective whole, for the greater good of all, this is our legacy.